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nano vitrified tiles

Nano-vitrified tiles are a type of vitrified tiles with nano-coating. This coating is done by applying a layer of liquid silica on the surface of the tiles and filling the fine pores on the tiles. Due to advanced processes, the surface of nano vitrified tiles becomes sleek and beautiful. These tiles are considered state-of-the-art due to their advanced chemical nanotechnology. The same process makes nano vitrified tiles better resistant to water and dust than other tiles.

At Hector Ceramic LLP, we make subtle patterns and designs which allow them to impart a cleaner yet professional look. Our nano tiles are known for their strength and shiny finish. The nano vitrified tiles are generally harder and have more strength. These types of tiles are generally found in ivory-based color.

A common question may arise in homeowners' minds; Why use nano-vitrified tiles? When it comes to flooring solutions, there are a plethora of options available in the market. However, every home has its aesthetics and if you are looking for a cleaner yet attractive look then nano vitrified tiles are the way to go.

Some of the prominent features of nano-vitrified tiles are given below:

1. Resistive Properties: Vitrified tiles are popular because of their resistive properties which are present in all types of vitrified tiles. The following are the resistive properties found in nano vitrified tiles;

  • Skid resistance
  • Slip resistance
  • Scratch resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Dust resistance

2. Anti-bacterial: Nano-vitrified tiles comprise nano chemicals. The nano chemicals are anti-bacterial in nature meaning they offer resistance to bacterial reproduction. So essentially, bacteria cannot survive on the surface of these tiles thus creating a hygienic environment.

3. Durable: Nano-vitrified tiles are extremely durable in nature. Since they undergo an advanced manufacturing process, their strength increases and the core components of vitrified tiles help to make them sturdy. However, the overall build quality of nano-vitrified tiles also depends upon the technology that is used to manufacture these tiles.

4. Economical: Nano-vitrified tiles are also less expensive than other types of vitrified tiles. Our tiles are cost-effective yet high-quality.

5. Easy To Clean: Nano vitrified tiles don't get dirty easily due to their less porous and smooth surface and even normal stains do not stick on the surface. Additionally, these tiles require significantly less maintenance and don't require regular thorough cleaning as well.

These tiles are fit for residential and commercial settings. You can use these tiles for Homes, malls, schools, airports, and many more. As a leading tile manufacturer, We earned our reputation in the tile market by delivering top-quality nano-vitrified tiles and offering the best customer after-sales support.

Our tiles are exported around the globe and our tiles are competitively priced. We also gather crucial feedback from our customers that help us improve and enhance our collection. We have set our future prospectus to continue expanding our collection and help you to decorate your homes even better!

Our collection of nano vitrified tiles available in the 600x600MM size comprises subtle patterns that are not only eye-appealing but also soothing to look at. The versatility of these tiles justifies their popularity among homeowners and commercial settings. Browse through our collection of tiles and select the best-vitrified tiles for your decor.