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Glazed vitrified tiles are a popular type of tiles for modern and contemporary style houses. But what does Glazed mean? The common misconception of glazed tiles is that they are smooth and shiny, this is not always the case. Glazed simply means a glazed coated surface of a tile. And there are also two types available, one is digital printed GVT tiles and the other is polished glazed vitrified tiles.

Hector Ceramic LLP manufactures exceptional vitrified tiles in several different glazed finishes. GVT can be used in several settings such as commercial and residential as these tiles are known for their versatility. GVT tiles can be used almost everywhere however the most popular applications are interior designing and home decor. Take a look at some its features that justify its applications:

Withstand Heavy-traffic: Due to its durable glossy surface coating, these tiles can easily withstand foot traffic without chipping or losing luster.

Versatility: These Vitrified tiles can impart a wood look, rustic look, matte look, and so much more. Thus, making these tiles ideal for interior designers.

Wear and tear resistant: Glazed vitrified tiles are known for their strength. Due to their concentrated and high-quality composition, these tiles can withstand significant wear and tear.

Inimitable Shine: Our GVT tiles have exceptional luster and beauty with a glazed surface that will give any of your spaces an elegant look.

Resistive Nature: Glazed vitrified tiles are scratch and stain-resistant. Meaning you won’t have to maintain and clean these tiles regularly. The resistive property also enhances the longevity of tiles.

We, at Hector Ceramic LLP, aim to deliver Glazed Vitrified Tiles that are not only durable but resonating as well. We aim to manufacture GVT tiles with which our customers can relate their character.

What Makes Our Tiles Sustainable?

We take pride in leveraging cutting-edge technology to manufacture our GVT tiles in 600x600 size. An important aspect of such a tile is its process of manufacturing. Our team of professionals is consistently delivering exceptional results and amazing feedback, which is what drives us to offer new trendy designs and pattern innovation along with enhancement of quality.

Glazed vitrified tiles are therefore suitable for every homeowner who desires a contemporary look. Browse through our collection of GVT tiles that are manufactured using the latest technologies and find the ideal tiles that resonated with your home and deliver excellent aesthetics.