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600x600 gvt tiles

Glazed Vitrified Tiles, popularly known as the GVT tiles, have become a trend in the market. GVT tiles are available in several different parameters, based on the customer's requirement. These tiles are popular in commercial workspaces where a large surface area has to be covered. These are vitrified tiles, meaning they have additional components; silica and clay.

We, at Hector Ceramic LLP, manufacture high-quality 600x600 GVT tiles for all occasions. Commercial workspaces such as offices and lobbies require durable and long-lasting tiles that can deliver a textured look. The heavy foot traffic and activity exert a lot of pressure on the tiles and thus, they should not break. All these reasons make 600x600 GVT tiles a popular choice for commercial workspaces.

We manufacture 600x600 tiles to ensure that your workspaces are covered entirely, the 600x600 glazed vitrified tiles are important because they impart a spacious look while maintaining the aesthetics the same.

We leverage the latest digital printing technology to manufacture 600x600 GVT tiles that allow us to deliver a diverse range of patterns and designs. These tiles can resemble other materials such as wood, marble, etc. The 600x600 GVT tiles are an ideal choice for your commercial workspaces because of the following reasons:

  1. Large surface areas can be covered without compromising on the build quality of vitrified tiles.
  2. These tiles also withstand extreme temperature fluctuation so it is a great option for outdoor applications.
  3. Glazed vitrified tiles are manufactured using digital printing thus, owners can customize their tiles as per their liking.
  4. 600x600 GVT tiles allow the owners to be carefree about their tiles. Because the tiles hold the qualities like durability, long-lasting, stain resistance and smooth look.
  5. Glazed vitrified tiles do not harbor bacteria like other porous tiles making it a completely hygienic & safe flooring option.

At Hector Ceramic LLP, we ensure that all these properties are present in our GVT tiles so that your workspaces can look just the way you imagined. Our 600x600 GVT tiles are manufactured in India and over the years we have delivered several tiles to the market. Thus, allowing us to accumulate exquisite experience in the field.

We leverage this experience and crucial feedback from our customers to manufacture and supply the best 600x600 glazed vitrified tiles via the latest technology and a team of professionals. We are on a mission to deliver high-quality products and services.

Our presence in the tile manufacturing industry has exposed us to several customers, which has led us to some crucial information regarding your requirements. Browse through our collection and opt for the ideal GVT tiles for your workspace.