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16x16 parking tiles

Parking amenities for homes have become a necessity. With the growth of automobiles and personal vehicles, it is crucial to have a good sustainable parking space. But where would you park your car? It does not seem like a good idea to park your wheels on gravel or sand, this would reduce the life of your car tires.

That’s when parking tiles come into the picture. 16x16 parking tiles are essentially tiles for your parking area upon which you can keep your car safely. These 16x16 parking tiles are relatively large and therefore cover a large surface area and do not break easily. We at Hector Ceramic LLP, manufacture and supply parking tiles that are destined to satisfy your requirements. Homeowners seek sturdy and durable parking tiles and we intend to live up to those expectations.

But what must a homeowner look for when purchasing parking tiles? Here is a brief guide:

1. Strength: The tile must be able to withstand excessive stress. No tile that breaks is preferable. But when it comes to parking tiles you have to be extra careful because these tiles are not only prone to your foot traffic but also your vehicles (that weigh quite a lot).

2. Durability: The durability of 16x16 parking tiles is an important factor. That’s why we ensure top-quality parking tiles by leveraging a team of professionals for the latest technologies. Our parking tiles live up to their character and deliver excellent durability and aesthetics to your parking space.

3. Design: Commercial building or personal home? We got you covered. Design plays an important role, commercial buildings are more suitable with contemporary yet basic designs whereas personal homes can have specific designs that reflect character. Our wide collection of parking tiles includes exquisite designs for every space. There is something for everyone in our collection irrespective of the location and type of household.

4. Size: Large parking tiles are generally preferable because of the greater surface area they cover. The larger the size of the tile, the fewer tiles are required. Additionally, large parking tiles have greater mass and sturdiness hence they make perfect sense to use large tiles for parking space. 16x16 parking tiles are considered ideal for most situations as they are big enough to accommodate a large area and can also deliver excellent aesthetics.

Why Choose 16x16 parking tiles?

Honestly, the size depends upon your requirements. However, the 16x16 parking tiles are considered an ideal choice for the majority of spaces or situations. They go well with the tenement, bungalows, and residential or commercial buildings. These tiles are available in a plethora of design and pattern options and they give the space a “spacious” look.

Hector Ceramic LLP has embarked on the journey to enhance the parking space of our clients by introducing new and trendy designs for the 16x16 parking tiles. We believe in customisation and personalisation, our beliefs have led us to fascinating discoveries via feedback that helps us to innovate our collection and continue to deliver high-quality products and services.