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Welcome to HECTOR CERAMIC, where can find the ingenious Sharp Vision, Global Network and powerful backbone, The Company cares the vision to cater world class Ceramic tiles, It believes in producing superior Ceramic glaze tiles with a sharp vision on market. It takes a lot of skills to design and manufacture in competitive market but the company has s track record of many successful years a leading ceramic company. The Company has a huge production capacity which falls in line with European standards. The Company has an house R & D department, where in continuous research in done in design and quality of glazed tiles, in order to provide value for money to our customers. The company has a well-established dealer network throughout the Domestic & International market.

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Offering our services to every company in the ceramic sector, manufacturers, distributors and marketers that are seeking new synergies in the production chain, as well as in the supply of ceramic in small & large formats.